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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Dominica


Hunting and fishing trips in Dominica: known for array of deep sea fishing with large tuna, bonito and wahoo.

The verdant island blooms with life, hidden caves with echoing water springs roll into the open sea and back into its shores. In this cycle, Dominica also tapers to an angler's cycle; cast, hold, catch and repeat. Deep fishing is close to shore, only a few minutes away before you can drop your line and hook extraordinary fish. Explore the corners of the island for different territories of fish from bonito to wahoo, or marlin to tuna, the choice is far from sparse.

Traveling around the island is a proven achievement not only in terms of variety of angling but also for the sheer joy of the Caribbean shores with soft waves strokes the sands under the palm trees. A tarpon may wonder your way, a twisting and toiling strong fish between 25 to 80 lbs or even over 250 lbs. For a softer day of small pleasures, freshwater provides a feast of fish like crayfish, mullets, and crabs. From tropical paradise to fulfilled angler.

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