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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Dominican republic

Hunting and fishing trips in Dominican Republic: known for deep sea fishing for wahoo and atlantic marlin

Like many caribbean locations, the waters surrounding the dominican republic are generous and bountiful. Cast off your flies and aim for the open oceans. Once you're out there, trolling is unbeatable and the variety of the fish will keep your attention undivided. Wahoo will be moving water beneath you and the heavy atlantic marlin will tease your bait.

These waters carry monster sized fish from tuna to sailfish. Wahoo for example is incredibly prominent in Mahi Mahi where it competes with the billfish for trophy titles. The Dominican Republic isn’t just well equipped with luxurious beaches, Punta Cana for example, a leading holiday destination, is also a first class fishing hotspot for anglers’ each and every whim.

From fly to lagoon fishing and reef ranging.Punta Cana continuously breaks and sets records on their local fish. Combine a well-established fishing extravaganza with a trip of a lifetime where you can expect nothing less than awe-inspiring angling.<

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