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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Estonia

Hunting and fishing trips in Estonia: known for sizable large elk stalking and beefy wild brown trout fly-fishing

Although small in size, Estonia gloriously provides towering elk, the most venerated hunting here. Classically approached with calling and stalking as methods the elk is an intimidating sight to behold and one of the largest mammals in europe. Their current growth is at a fantastic 30% yearly, resonating the natural wildlife strength in estonia.

This great animal is closely followed in size by the brown bear, two times the size of the average human and the largest and most dangerous predator in the country, also spreading at an increasing growth. If you’re looking for a tingly to the heart and a shortness to your breath, the bear is a must, but a hunter must be weary and calculated as it is easily threatened and can only be approached by stalking. Estonia’s overflow of natural goodness also brings foreign species like the main woodcock during the spring and summer.

Seize your flies and pack your rods, the rivers, and their shallows are bubbling with agitation. The rivers show immediate signs of life with silver beetles and swirling dragonflies, ideal for wild brown trout and a perfect afternoon fly-fishing. The Northeast and middle-Estonia are the more favoured spots for fishing, where depending on the season, you’ll have the choice between healthy sturgeon, or large grayling alike. Estonia, has many more fish species rushing under the surface of the water, the opportunities are not limited by the vast amount of lakes crisscrossing the country.

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