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Hunting, shooting and fishing methods - Falconry

"Falconry, or hunting with a predatory bird, a raptor, is a noteworthy and ancient art with techniques, predators and prey different from country to country. "

Long before rockets were invented, the heartbeat of a spontaneous combustion was felt through a falconer’s glove,searching and hunting alongside a wild falcon. Alongside (and not chasing frantically after) a well trained, well adjusted, falcon or hawk is a rare connection; also a noble compliment to the well traveled falconer.

Though the history of falconry is long, the interest survives on a very small community of falconers, or people who fly a falcon. Falconry hunts can be dazzling shows of animals within nature; hunting anything from squirrels, mice, hares, rabbits, to pheasants or other big birds. Whether the falcon flies over a great, endless prairie in Kansas, or across the unspoken, frozen land of Siberia, it is a remarkable journey, and thrill working with such a sharp-eyed, jumpy predator.

Each hunt differs from the hunt prior and is always full of surprises. Austringers, a person who ‘keeps’ or hunts with a goshawk, or a falconer who hunts with a peregrine, red tail or kestrel will have different experiences between the particular species. Not every falcon or hawk flies and hunts the same. Falconry is one of the beloved king’s or nobleman’s pursuits and continues to remain an interest around the world. Finding a falconry trip is a unique, and memorable experience for all hunting and outdoor enthusiasts.

Basic Info

For falconry you will need besides a trained raptor (hawk or falcon) with proper hood and any additional equipment specific to the raptor, good binoculars, comfortable walking shoes or boots, a falconry whistle or call, a falconry waistcoat or vest, and falconry gloves. Gain experience by contacting a local falconry club and enrol as an apprentice before your next falconry trip!