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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Fiji

Hunting and fishing trips in Fiji: known for various species of marlin for tough trolling and giant trevally

Fiji is a wonderland of turquoise waters and effervescent tropical forests, glowing with light and life. One of Fiji’s islands, Kadavu, has one of the world’s longest barrier reefs, overflowing with exotic fish species and completely uncharted by a fisherman. Coiling the island along the Great Astrolabe are even more enormous giant trevallies blowing up the scale at 40 kg, ideal for deep water jigging. Along the reef, you can also find great wahoo, dogtooth tuna and Spanish mackerel, all in an unmatchable scenery.

These waters are also thriving with yellowfin tuna, thrusting its gold and emerald scales under the water. Loose track of time as you swoop and swing into the sea, trolling for the trophy of all trophies, the marlin.From black to striped, blue to pacific, the marlin is rich along the coast. The choice of fish is endless and trespasses inland as the volcanic hills drop into bays and lagoons.

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