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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Finland

Hunting and fishing trips in Finland: known for moose stalking, salmon fishing and wildfowl drives.

The ground tremors under your feet, the brush ahead shudders, your heart skips a beat. These are the first indicators of a moose. Dog barks pierce through the woods, forcing the moose to an impressive halt, giving the hunter time to aim and shoot. Further north, pines and spruces peak in the woods, where whitetail deer throttle.

Black grouse fluff their feathers, and willow grouse swoop the winds. With its boundless wetlands, the most common bird is the wildfowl, with mallards and goldeneye among others. The chill of the air adds adrenaline to the shoot, with chances to shoot bear and wolf, the main predators in this land, or maybe opt for a silver coated seal or the rare racoon dog, of which Finland is its best location out of East Asia.

With the largest forested area in all of Europe, Finland can brag of its excellent choice of game. It also has many lakes splattered across its lands, and waters stream between its islands with over 200,000 lakes and 2,000km of Baltic Sea. Pike and perch are easily encountered in most of its waters, where a pike over a metre long is a natural occurrence. The country is brimming with opportunities for anglers of all styles.

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