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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Gabon


Hunting and fishing trips in Gabon: known for forest sitatunga in close-knit forest, and hard-fighting giant African threadfin fly-fishing

Gabon is lucky to be able to claim some of the world’s richest and most species-diverse tropical rainforests.

The country is lusciously covered with over 80% of forest, wildlife roaming and hustling inside it.

The forest sitatunga is one of particular interest with its spiraled horns as the trophy, reaching a beautiful 26 inch.

Nonetheless, this animal is one of the most difficult to hunt in Africa, common in dense forestry and hiding in thick marshes makes it hard to detect and approach without alerting it.

Hunting is mostly practiced in the form of stalks, allowing for a widespread of animal sightings.

The dwarf forest buffalo falls shortly behind in difficulty, but do its massive sizes, it is less intimidating to tackle.

For smaller and brisk hunts, the Gabon and black-fronted duiker are more fast-paced.

Fishing in Gabon is extensive, there are fish in abundance and every style of fishing can be practiced in great condition, from spinning to fly-fishing, trolling and surf-catching.

The Atlantic tarpon is often found in the nearby surf, making it obtainable and easily reaching over 50kg and even 100kg.

African cubera snapper is far more present in the waters of Gabon, its existence stretching to almost anywhere at any season, specimens reach a heavy 60kg.

But the show-stoppers are the jack crevalle and giant African threadfin, their hard temperament and tenacious fight add a genuine kick of adrenaline to regular spinning or fly-fishing.

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