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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Gambia


Hunting and fishing trips in Gambia: known for the rare hippopotamus and some of the largest giant tarpoon worldwide

Gambia is picturesque little country wrapped by Senegal in West Africa.

With a balancing act between land and water, Gambia pride’s itself on a handpicked choice of hunting and fishing.

The Gambia River is the heart of the country and its wildlife, it is home to the hippopotamus, one of the most dangerous mammals in africa, and yet with a special authority license, the most exciting to hunt.

The river also seeps into marshlands and water points which attract doves and sandgrouse hunted most commonly from carefully placed blinds for maximum performance.

Gambia is most relished for its fishing, from beach and reef fishing for barracuda and cubera snappers to deep sea fishing sailfish and dorado.

The first-rate collection of fish paints a day of constant adventure changing and switching between fishing styles under the African sun.

Gambia is also home to big league fish like the tigerfish and tarpoon which come in huge sizes.

The giant tarpoon flickers under the sea at weights reaching over 150 kg, some of the largest in the world making for angling in Gambia a temptation for trophy fishing.

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