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Hunting, shooting, fishing for Gemsbok / oryx

Stalking, Bowhunting, Driven big game, Safari, Hunting from a Blind

Just at the crest of a shallow ravine poses a number of Gemsbok moving slowly in the evening sunlight, grazing from one bush to another.

The splashes of bleach-white on a large bull's face, legs and flank, between a mousy-grey coat stand out against the muted colours of the scrubland foreground.

This scene shows the tranquil, peaceful side of a Gemsbok. Under pressure from a predator, and the romantic view shifts. Then the vegetarian Antelope transforms into a fierce defendant of its herd, lowering its body and aiming, and using its piercing horns against an attacker.

Gemsbok, also known as the giant Oryx, are quick, running at speeds of 60 km/hr. Hunting for this desert grazer requires time glassing, walking, and many long-distance shots. Have confidence in your gun and scope before a trip out for Gemsbok. They are a big Antelope that takes a precise shot to take down. Be prepared for that 'perfect shot' to come at a distance, often over 200 meters away.

Trophy Gemsbok of southern Africa can also be taken with a bow with careful stalking techniques. Take caution when approaching an injured Gemsbok, those horns are sharp!

Basic Info

Scientific name: Oryx gazella

Size: height: 120 cm

Weight: male 180 – 240 kg, female 100 – 210 kg

Lifespan: 20 years

Methods: Bow hunting, Hunting from a blind, Safari, Driven big game, Highseat, Stalking,

Continent(s): Africa, North America (brought to the USA)