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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Georgia

Hunting and fishing trips in Georgia: known for waterfowl driven shoots, masses of carp and the rare Caucasian trout

Georgia is tightly tucked in between Turkey, Armenia and Russia, but it has flourished and grown into itself, a picturesque and charming country with small towns and vast open spaces. From rustic small high seats, during twilight, wild boar hunting is popular in the country, their strong and fast sprints making for an exciting hunt. Waterfowl and pheasant drives are extremely popular on crop fields, migratory birds soar over the border and add to the quick-paced drive with a great selection of bird.

Georgia has a stunning collection of rivers, with clear water, the tones of jade are embraced by rushing flow of water and hug past large boulders spread throughout the river. These rivers are rampant with wild trout, huge catfish and countless amount of common carp. The best hand-picked locations for the fly-fishing of these species is the Alazani River and the Canyons of River Khrami.

The culture in Georgia is generous and kind, local fishermen will often love to help find the best location for any fishing of preference. The chase for the Caucasian trout will take you to River Rioni, a sublime and spectacular valley of open waters under the watching eye of mountains fainting into blue in the distance. But here, fly-fishing will not be your tool of choice, a traditional net has been favoured for years by the locals as the waters are muddied and grey making fly-fishing more challenging.

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