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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Germany

Hunting and fishing trips in Germany: known for powerful wild boar drives and an impossible choice between trout and salmon

Hunting in Germany has a different aura about it, there is a strong focus on honor between man and animal, and a strong core on the environment. Without a doubt, Roe deer and Red deer from a high seat come dusk or dawn are extravagant. Rifle at hand, patience is canon in this game, but entirely worth it. Large shovelled antlers expose the fallow over yonder, or perhaps the sly fox will quickly catch your eye. These high seats are charged with big game, between shots, you’re sure to be entertained by the small game while you wait. If you’re seeking for a charged and continuous shoot, opt for a wild boar drive and finish your day with a truck packed. Depending on your preference, Northern Germany has sloping hills, whilst Bavaria peaks with rugged mountains and some of the most flourishing landscape in Germany. Every corner of the country has factors that differentiate it, this applies to fishing. For freshwater fishing, Lake Chiemsee invades 8000 ha of Southern Germany, sling your rod and hope to catch char, eel, perch and bream among multiple others. The Danube River is most attractive with an outstanding selection of river fish or the favourite Danube salmon. On the other hand, the Baltic Sea calls for deep sea cod fishing. Germany treats its wildlife amazingly well, and this is reflected in its choice and abundance of fish and game species.

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