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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Ghana


Hunting and fishing trips in Ghana: known for the ever evasive stalk for royal antelope and remarkable atlantic blue marlin deep sea fishing

Like an oasis, Ghana is a luscious and verdant country covered mostly by rainforest. Having been closed for hunting in the past, Ghana has many untapped beautiful locations for hunting which are unvisited and completely exploding with wildlife. Curiously, in a continent where mammals are among the largest,

Ghana is home to the smallest horned animal in the world, the royal antelope. Prized for its notable size and picturesque body, it is by far the most popular among collectors. Nocturnal and hidden deep in the rainforest, it is best hunted by stalking. Following the small spectrum, maxwell’s duiker, black duiker and the brushtail porcupine are also abundant and excellent hunts.

These forests are fed by Ghana’s riveting rivers, among them, Kpong river hosts a great variety of fish for fly-fishing from giraffe catfish, elongate tigerfish to african knifefish. Lake fishing is also exceptional with Lake Volta which bleeds through Ghana and is home to the african carp, electric catfish and nile fish. But over the years, Ghana has been quickly growing in popularity for colossal Atlantic blue marlin.

With what once started as a fishing excursion for snapper and tuna, the locals began venturing outwards into the open and began to notice that the marlin that herded the coastal waters weren’t just average. Ghana quickly became a worldwide go-to destination for deep sea blue marlin fishing.

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