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Hunting, shooting for Giraffe

Stalking, Bowhunting, Safari

Hunting the world's tallest animal is like stalking someone in a watchtower.

They have a very good upper hand at spotting hunting parties at great distance.

Their powerful eyesight and sensitive hearing make for a difficult, slow-staling hunt. The dry African wilderness is a meagre place for large animal species to live off, making the giraffe sleeping little, and grazing on low-hanging, shrub-like trees for many hours at a time. Giraffes, “eat like a horse” as the saying goes, foraging up to 45 kilos of roughage a day.

Their bone-like ossicones, or characteristic horns are unique to both male and female giraffe; good for clubbing a predator or rival when needed. Though they might be distracted with their leafy tree salads, they are always on the lookout for approaching lions. Although they can charge, they are not as dangerous towards people compared to other big African game.

ear-round, Giraffe make a fine rifle, handgun, black powder, crossbow or bow hunt for the skilled stalker and a superb adventure through the deep African brush.

Basic Info

Scientific name: Giraffa

Size: height male 5 - 6 m, female 4.6 m

Weight: male 1,200 kg, female 830 kg

Lifespan: 25 years

Methods: Bow hunting, Safari, Stalking

Countinent(s): Africa