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Fishing for Goldfish

Carp fishing, Spinning, Fly fishing, Fresh water fishing, Coarse fishing

Now before you laugh, the answer is yes.

Yes you can fish for goldfish- but not in an aquarium, please!

People have surrendered their pet fish responsibilities thousands of times over by putting goldfish into local rivers, or neighbor's ponds, you name it. In most places this practice is highly illegal. Frogs and other fish species may suffer from the introduction of such a savage, ferocious goldfish-beast to their waters.

That being said, you should target goldfish if and when you see them, right? To eliminate the non-native goldfish from ponds or other fisheries requires a dedicated goldfish angler.

Outside their artificial aquatic setting, goldfish will feed on snails, larvae, fish eggs and even young fish or minnows. There can be a number of approaches to catching goldfish either on a light spinning or fly rod.

Use similar bottom-feeding attractions with small hook sizes like you would for smaller sized carp, a relative to the common goldfish.

Don't be surprised when one gives you a good pull and tug on your line, in ideal water temperatures with adequate food, goldfish can get huge!

Basic Info

Scientific name: Carassius auratus

Size: common 10 cm

Weight: average 50 g

Lifespan: 41 years

Methods: Carp fishing, Spinning, Fly fishing, Fresh water fishing, Coarse fishing

Continent(s): Native to East Asia, first domesticated fish, brought all over the world