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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Greece

Hunting and fishing trips in Greece: known for rare kri kri ibex shotgun shoot and Mediterranean Sea spear and harpoon fishing

Greece caters to all tastes in hunting; kri kri ibex with shotgun, to feathered game like quail and woodcock. Unhindered by land game, off the turquoise shore bricked with white houses, the sea ushers an array of choice for spear and harpoon fishing of john dory, tuna and octopus among much more.

Sacred in Ancient Greece, the kri kri ibex is unique to Greece and Macedonia and are fine pieces of desirable collection. In similar fashion, the warmer waters have attracted marlin and sailfish in Zakynthos, creating a paradisiac spear fishing location.

Greece excells as a destination beyond your imagination, the dusted rocky lands with olive trees spread throughout brings the blue of the sea to new colours, if you’re out spotting kri kri wielding your shotgun or sitting under the sun patiently for a black sea bream fish to tug the line from the sandy bottoms.

Combine an extravagant holiday with excellent conditions for spear and harpoon fishing in the mediterranean or the blood rushing wild boar drive against the luxious plains.

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