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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Grenada

Hunting and fishing trips in Grenada: known for record breaking giant blue marlin and great billfish deep sea fishing

Grenada is best defined as a quaint tropical country, tucked in the Caribbean with hidden secrets for fantastic angling. Such a charming find conceals fish of awesome sizes starting with the blue marlin, found year round at around 800 lbs or more with records reaching 1000 lbs. The blue marlin is fast, stark and strong, proving a true feat of determination and strength to reel in, let alone hurl aboard.

Deep sea fishing extends its luxuries to big-eye and blackfish tuna, the ever glimmering dorado and typical great sailfish and wahoo. Docking in a nearby village will have you surrounded by gasping locals at the sight of these deep sea beasts. A treasure best kept buried are the billfish, kept under a strict tag and release policy to ensure these abundant specimens continue to thrive in the waters of Grenada.

An accomplishment of its own, the billfish proves an elegant fight against the backlight of the ocean blues. Like many angling excursions here, expect nothing less than specimens of high caliber but also, a deliciously humble oil down, a traditional dish melting Grenada’s French and Indian heritage into a salted cod stew drizzled with coconut milk and turmeric. Sit on the dock of the bay, overlooking the endless seas ahead, yearning for another day.

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