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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Guyana

Hunting and fishing trips in Guyana: known for large peacock bass trolling and massive arapaima

Guyana is a tropical haven, with forest flora cloaking almost its entirety. Whether it be the Amazon River or the Simuni Lakes, the peacock bass and tiger catfish are the most sought after trophy in Guyana.

Accompanied by unseen exotic animals perching in the nearby forest, trolling for these species may land you a 30 lbs bass. During dry season, rivers become narrow creating a smaller space for the masses of fish, making for a ruffled stream filled with fish. The waters carry countless species, keeping you busy for days. Fishing can be challenging for beginners and veterans alike, from the vampire devil fish is popular for its distinctive sharp fangs, or the arowana for its allusive nature, anglers must be kept on their toes.

This is principally important when reeling an arapaima, one of the world’s largest freshwater fish reaching an almost impossible 3 m. Guyana will take you travelling through forests yapping with parrots and toucans, swinging monkeys and hidden big cats, only to be faced with one of the world’s central fishing destinations, the Amazon River.

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