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Hunting, shooting and fishing methods - High seat

"A hunter’s upper hand, mastering the land from above, in a highseat, is one of the most effective ways to sneak within shooting distance to spooky game."

When hunting from a highseat or tree blind, the shooter gets a great advantage, a tree-made throne with almost a 360 degree view of the world below. In many forests, stalking becomes an impossible task and the best way of getting to a trophy buck for example, is letting it come to you. Forest floors are unforgiving to a cautious creeper and breaking twigs and branches often foil one's hard effort to get to where the action is. Safety precautions are needed on behalf of the hunter to properly use a highseat- falling asleep is not allowed! Highseat hunting techniques are efficacious in providing clear, productive shots and can be used for a number of species; with either a bow or firearm. Learning game trails and positioning a tree blind in the vicinity of game trails or fresh markings is an effective trophy producer or positioning on borders of field and forest. Check out a highseat hunt to see if that's the right hunting method for you!

Basic Info

For highseat hunting, depending on the game, hunters may choose to hunt with rifle or bow. Proper highseat, or tree blind installations are set near high-traffic areas, field and forest borders and well hidden amongst other trees. Hunters must typically wear a safety harness, attached to the highseat when using small, or narrow highseats.

Highseat hunters should be dressed appropriately for many hours of sitting in complete silence. Avoid chilling weather with well insulated, wind-proof clothing.