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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Hungary

Hunting and fishing trips in Hungary: known for enormous fallow deer stalks and gigantic carp fishing

Among Europe, Hungary is a top tier destination for hunting, it provides and nurtures outstanding super trophies namely in fallow and red deer. Foreign hunters flock to Hungary for certified trophy hunts. The sizes almost become absurd, the stunning palmated antlers of fallow deer form beautiful sculptures weighing almost 5kg. These sturdy and regal deer grace the hills prickled with trees in vast deep green forests.

The red stag, famed for its iconic silhouette come in trophy weights higher than 11kg. The game carries to the air with exquisite bird drives, competing closely with England and Scotland for excellency in pheasant, Hungary has countless estates than can provide days with 600 to 800 birds. These heavy league catches are also met by amazing giant carp.

Hungary’s parade of lakes breeds and tends to carp at over a fantastic 100 lbs. Lake Balaton takes the trophy for carp, its vast waters make the carp more sparse throughout, but the fishing promises bountiful rewards. Switch between lake and river for ever changing techniques and styles, from the swollen heavy carp to a more slender pike or lively catfish. Hungary is known for its excellent hosting, and what better asset to match than exceptional hunting and angling opportunities.

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