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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Indonesia

Hunting and fishing trips in Indonesia: known for blue and black marlin deep sea fishing and world renown tuna

Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago, it is not surprising that it boasts some of the best and most unique fishing locations. Across Indonesia there are many small and large fishing spots, most have the blue and black marlin as its pride.

Whether this is in Krakatoa, Ujung Kulon, or the open sea, trolling or jigging, the opportunities to catch massive specimens of dogtooth tuna, trevally, or yellowfin tuna are boundless providing for an exciting and varied fishing experience on the paradisiac island of Indonesia. Its waters are brimming with aquatic life, one of the few rare places where whale hunting is allowed is Lamalera. Here, the village people run to their boats and row to their target, the sperm whale, where they throw a spear to kill it in a spectacular traditional, and almost primal, style.

The lavish fishing here is also displayed by the fact that Indonesia currently provides 16% of the world’s total tuna supply. There is no standard less than outstanding in any waters, the conditions are ideal and kept this way to ensure heavy and great fish.

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