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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Iran


Hunting and fishing trips in Iran: known for trophy Persian ibex stalking, rainbow and brown trout fly-fishing

Iran has opened its doors since the revolution to the fantastic beasts it holds in its utterly diversa landscape. Positioned the furthest corner east of the middle east, Iran is one of the most rugged countries in the world, with two huge groups of mountains including Mount Damavand, the highest peak in the middle east and the tallest volcano in Asia. These imperial settings are nothing short than the ideal habitat for wild sheep of which there are seven species here. Iran is home to species like the ever-famed Persian ibex, jabber and goitered gazelles, bears, wolves, and the rare fallow deer of mesopotamia.

The catalogue of choice is visible with all types of animals and wildlife. The persian ibex takes the title for most popular as it is a fantastic example of wildlife’s wonders with its muscled body forming a completely proportionate and symmetrical pair of horns seen here are a record of over 130 cm. Hunted with stalks, by foot or horseback, the Persian ibex can also be hunted with mouflon, shiraz sheep and bezoar ibex among many other. Wild boar also come is enormous sizes, hurling through the forests of Iran, best hunted in drives of constant action and adrenalin. The Caspian Sea runs along 740 km of Iran’s coast, it has become a strong core in iranian fishing, especially as a tireless source of Caspian salmon, sea carp and sturgeon.

Inland the story reads different, although chinese carp is very common and found in most reservoirs, the finer examples are found in rainbow or brown trout. Fly fishing trout havens are spread throughout Iran, from Dasht-e Lar with great brown trout, to rainbows in Bazort River. The Zayandeh Rood River is the one that stands out the most with its almost unnatural strong colours, echoed on its main resident, the rainbow trout.

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