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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Ireland

Hunting and fishing trips in Ireland: known for enticing sika stalks, world-renown fox hunts, and traditional salmon.

Ireland stands proud as one of the most illustrious destinations for hunting and angling worldwide. The traditions surrounding the hunt keep the sport very much alive and thriving in this country blooming with feral wildlife and sprouting flora. The marshes of unleveled shrubbery together with broken islands and remote woodlands make ireland the ideal hinterland for game birds. Driven shoots of amazing quality are depicted in waves of soaring colours with mallard, canada geese and red legged partridge.

The red grouse for example is continuously growing in numbers, especially in autumn as thousands of captive birds are released for the hunting season. On the other side of the spectrum, deer are also popular with calculated stalking hunts. A particular favourite remains the japanese sika deer, noted for its intelligent instinct and agility providing for a great shoot. But the truly magnificent crown jewel of ireland is fox hunting. The exaltation of track and pursuit will have any hunter exhilarating with thrill. There are three types of drag, by laid scent or draglines, human scent or hound trailing. Each and every type will have you flying through fields of fantastic estates, over the iconic stone walls and finishing with an adrenaline of satisfaction. The adrenaline is mirrored by Ireland's sea angling, with 3000 km of coastline, with filaments and strands of waterworks meeting roaring beaches and dropping cliffs.

Ireland is more commonly noted for its coarse salmon and trout fishing, enjoyed by fly-fishing, bait, and spinning. But as of lately grown, its reputation for pike fish is exploding and almost matching the ever-popular salmon. Here, whichever fish you target, you are decidedly isolated in a world of windswept countryside and vivacious waters.

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