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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Israel


Hunting and fishing trips in Israel: known for enormous bluefin tuna and fly-fishing for trout in Israel’s rivers

When thinking of Israel, fishing might not come to mind straight away given that much of the country is covered by desert. But contrary to popular belief, Israel has many great locations for fishing starting with the fact that Israel’s geographic placement fortunately has the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea right at its doorstep.

These dark and deep waters host an immense array of fish species, the most popular being the bluefin tuna, one of the strongest trophy fish. This strong and arduous fish has a surprising size of over 20 ft and over 1600 lbs. Off-shore of the Red Sea is also heaving with barracudas and giant trevally. On the shores of the Sea of Galilae, there are records of over 200 fish, most being tilapia, barbel, and African catfish reaching heavy sizes.

Further inland, Israel has veins of rivers spread across the country, from Hazbani River to the Jordan River there is great quality fly-fishing for rainbow and brown trout. Packed with history, Israel is a small country which allows a very fulfilled depiction of fishing where one can fly-fish for trout the morning, have lunch on the coast with the crashing waves of the sea and finish with some evening and night fishing under the sunset.

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