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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Italy

Hunting and fishing trips in Italy: known for traditional braccata maremmana wild boar hunting and carp fishing in alpine lakes

Italy has some of the most achingly beautiful landscapes, the kind you never forget. From majestic mountains to rows and rows of sumptuous vineyards or valleys of flowers. This landscape so frequently recorded by novelists just so happens to form the perfect shrubbery and forests to accommodate massive wild boars hunting locally in the form of braccata maremmana.

This typical italian hunting style has the hunters lined up at which a sound of the horn initiates the explosion of sound from dogs barking and snapping, to branches breaking and pigs running. This form of hunting is bombastic and requires incredible focus as the pigs storm from the forest right towards you. In the North of Italy you can expect alpine chamois and quite a strong presence of fallow deer.

Take a helicopter over the italian countryside to the foothills of the Alps for pristine and idyllic lakes rich with impressive carp, mirrors and catfish reaching almost 200 lb. Down the slopes intertwined in the mountains are rivers loaded with zander and pike, ideal for fly-fishing. In the towering Italian Alps, the final stop is Valtellina Valley, the holy grail of fishing locations in the alps with sturgeon and a brown trout haven, alpine char and grayling.

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