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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Jamaica

Hunting and fishing trips in Jamaica: known for huge blue marlin, wahoo and sailfish trolling

Jamaica carries a characteristic relaxing atmosphere in its airs which translates exactly opposite in its food with mouth watering Jamaican curry, spicy jerky and the popular deliciously smooth rum. Flourishing with tropical trees the floors are splattered and dripped with fruits which sweetens birds from across the country. These birds include the baldpate, pea dove, white-winged dove and white-crowned pigeon.

Although open for hunting, these stunning birds are limited to 20 pieces per session, yet Jamaica has achingly good offshore fishing. After a throat warming lunch accompanied by the local’s witty conversations, head out on the boat for some trolling landing you some big ones. Not far from the Doctors Cave Beach, water shifting blue marlins and tuna circle the waters. When trolling the line will pull and your heart with skip a beat with huge mahi-mahi, kingfish, wahoo and massive sailfish.

To quadruple your chances, you can even have up to eight lines trolling behind the boat leaving silver slithers as it moves. Jamaica is full of deserted beaches and lively towns full of colour and laughter, there is not a moment filled with joy whether it be with delight at its cuisine, awe at its landscape or pride with your catches.

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