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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Jordan


Hunting and fishing trips in Jordan: known for premier falconry and best quality quail shooting

Jordan has a top position on bird hunting charts with quail hunting standing first place. There are winds of birds crossing the Kingdom each year, it also has the Rift Valley-Red Sea route which is second most used flight path in the world with over 1.5 million bird crossing each season. Pigeon hunting are among the most popular shotgun drives, but Jordan is also home to one of the most artisan hunting methods, falconry.

It begun in this land over four thousand years ago as a form of heightening the protein diet of the Bedouin. It developed into an art with generations of practice and skill development. The falcons are now trained to perfection on snatching birds from the air on demand, making falconry not only astonishing to behold but a genuine feat to accomplish. Jafr Village is one of the more famed sites for falconry where peregrine falcon is the most used species.

Aqaba is a vibrant city neighbouring the only stretch of sea available for deep sea fishing with excellent specimens of swordfish, kingfish and sailfish. Around the reef you can also troll for reef sharks, giant trevally and heavy tuna.

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