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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Kazakhstan

Hunting and fishing trips in Kazakhstan: known for colossal sceneries ideal for record-bearing Siberian ibex and giant catfish

Kazakhstan is by the far most unknown and uncharted territory for hunting. It is hard to compete with its immense landscapes quilted with bronzes, sands and golden browns basking under the Eastern sun. As the 9th biggest country in the world, open space is boundless as is its hunting. The glorious variation of climates guarantees almost all types of hunting.

The Siberian ibex wanders these natural sights, carrying trophies reaching an incredible 150 cm. Kazakhstan boasts of powerful specimens of siberian roe deer all over the country, reaching their peak in the North in Kostanai. For a more energy explosive driven hunt, the Balkhash lowlands host the biggest wild boar population in the world at up to an outstanding 300 kg. Across the deserts and over the snow-capped mountains, lakes could be mistaken for seas in their immensity, but the canon waters run through the Ili River at 1400 km, one of the longest in Asia. Packed, hoarded and overflowing with wildlife, the champion is the giant catfish.

But the catfish is not alone, expect record pike, perch, and carp. During the optimal June-July season, a group of ten can catch a jaw-dropping 300-400 catfish from 1 to 2 meters long. Kazakhstan is remarkable in its prime selection from hunters and anglers, with surreal siberian ibex stalks and wild boar drives, to unheard of giant catfish fly fishing.

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