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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Kiribati

Hunting and fishing trips in Kiribati: known for enormous population of bonefish and stunning fly-fishing in white sandy beaches

Kiribati has what is possibly the most saphire blue waters, they twist and turn in ombre shades of blue to form Kiribati’s marine life. After a breakfast under the shade of coconut trees, it is wholly pleasing to having fishing available right at your doorstep.

The population of bonefish and giant trevally with leave you speechless and provide the most exciting fly-fishing, where 20 to 30 bonefish a day is a normality. Take a break and allow the sun to trickle your skin as you lay on the hammock letting life seep into the wonders of the tropical paradise that Kiribati is. Christmas island will introduce you to a place in the world you never knew existed, in cyan waters seemless against the sky in the horizon, there are white sandy islands.

These small dunes of sand are white as chalk and are what makes Christmas Island for famous for fishing. It is from these mounds of sand that anglers use for fishing monsters of wahoo, mahi mahi and tuna. Truly an experience of a lifetime in a scenery of breathtaking simplicity and beauty.

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