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Fishing for Kokanee

Spinning, Fly fishing, Game fishing, Salt water fishing, Spearfishing

Fishing for kokanee and you must be fishing in a beautiful place.

Kokanee are special fish, demanding very clean, oxygenated water, and can be found in corners of the world such as British Columbia, Canada and the Rocky Mountain states of the US.

Small, silver and tricky to catch, they are not as popular as the trout, or bass to target. Kokanee have highly developed gills, called gill rakers, which filter and purify microorganisms. Both zooplankton and plankton can be filtered through the system as a food source from the water. Kokanee also feed on small larvae, crustaceans and worms; where our chance at kokanee begins.

Light spinning tackle or with a fly rod will do the work targeting kokanee, moving between shallow water and the thermocline in the hottest months so it is always a game of depth-adjustments and experimenting if they are not visible in shallow shoreline waters.

Trolling for kokanee is the best method and a quick way to connect with the little silver feeders that will be surprised to see you at the end of the line!

Basic Info

Scientific name: Oncorhynchus nerka

Size: average length 22.5 – 30.4 cm

Weight: average 2.3 – 7 kg

Lifespan: 6 years

Methods: Spinning, Fly fishing, Game fishing, Salt water fishing, Spearfishing

Continent(s): Pacific Ocean, North American coast from Alaska to the Sacramento River in California and the Asian coast from the Anadyr River to Hokkaido; eastern coast of Kamtchatka