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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Kuwait

Hunting and fishing trips in Kuwait: known for sandgrouse along the marshes and large yellowfin bream

A silk cover of burned yellow sands cover the country of Kuwait, tricking its visitors that hunting must be scarce. Along the shores of Kuwait, hidden among the marshes and spurts of vegetation hides the sandgrouse.

Both the black-bellied and spotted sandgrouse are beautiful delicate creatures, their feathers of intricate colour and detail. The sandgrouse is hunted with a shotgun, in short drives where quality and beauty dominates numbers. With an astounding 1930 lakes, streams, sandbars and rivers to choose from, Kuwait will have a perfect destination for anglers of all styles.

In the Scientific Centre you’ll find excellent shore fishing with large yellowfin bream, whilst Shuwaikh Beach is a local favourite with tuna and mackerel. The rivers seeping across the country carry large specimens of great catfish, fantastic for hard-fighting fly-fishing. The Persian Gulf is alive with sharks, barracuda, and puffers for a spice in fishing, but the most valued are the trevally and grouper.

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