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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Kyrgyzstan

Hunting and fishing trips in Kyrgyzstan: known for challenging marco polo sheep stalking over the hills, falconry, and a wide-selection of river fishing

Kyrgyzstan holds its ground at the heart of central asia, tian shan and the pamir mountains jagged the landscape so iconic to this country. Its natural beauty intensified by sublime heights reaching over 2,500 m along most of the country, the highest crests peaking at over 7000 m with Victory Peak. reigning these terrains are the Marco Polo sheep, one of the most demanding and challenging hunts in the world, this hunt is strictly bound to the mountains, it requires stamina and physical fitness.

These characteristics make the Marco Polo thoroughly enjoyable, the stalk will also allow Kyrgyzstan to parade its high volume population of ibex, reaching the hundreds in one day. Trapped between the gorges and mountain passes in the North-East, locating and perfecting the perfect shot during a Marco Polo or ibex stalk is arduous and requires meticulous preparation. Anglers are spoiled for choice as imposing rivers storm through the country carrying river and rainbow trout mainly but also salmon, carp, and catfish to name a few. Casting on the Suusamyr River’s waters that coil around the mountains will hook you with the osman. Ranging up to 50 cm, the glistening emerald fish are quite popular.

The valleys of Kyrgyzstan are ideal for the exclusive art of hunting with the golden eagle. Since the 12th and 13th centuries during the Mongol conquest, this tradition has remained strong and illustrious. Hunters with eagles, the bürtkitshi, can catch foxes, badgers, and even lynx during the late autumn season. A splendid show of nature’s primal instinct, participating or learning this tradition is a rare asset and incredibly exciting.

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