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Fishing for Ladyfish

Spinning, Game fishing, Salt water fishing, Spearfishing

Flashy and bright, like a long Christmas tree light, flickering beyond the surface moves a school of silver scaled ladyfish.

Despite their small stature in the Atlantic Ocean full of big, deep-sea tigers, Ladyfish are a great fish that is fun for everyone to catch.

Ladyfish are attracted to fast moving species of minnow, or anchovies and they feed seemingly 24/7, all day long, between brackish waters, deep channels and offshore.

Offshore and coastal anglers have plentiful days casting continuously out for ladyfish using baitcasting, fly fishing or spin fishing techniques. Make your bait have fast, quick action to get their attention. Trolling with small livebait rigs will also spark their senses. For ladyfish, there is no need to go too far from shore; they won't venture typically below depths of 60 meters.

Most are found in bays, channels or grassy reefs and shelves. Ladyfish make excellent bait for larger species such as the amberjack, redfish or shark- a multi-purpose fish.

Without a doubt, catching the bait which leads you to your first oversized grouper (for example) is a great feeling and a true maritime opportunity.

Basic Info

Scientific name: Elops saurus

Size: max. 1 m

Weight: 10 kg

Lifespan: 6 years

Methods: Spinning, Game fishing, Salt water fishing, Spearfishing

Continent(s): Western North Atlantic Ocean