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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Latvia

Hunting and fishing trips in Latvia: known for immaculate forests with abundant game choice and spinning for pike in clear waters.

In these forest glades, towering moose are the countrie’s biggest player. But in Latvia, the most common and best hunt are red deer, roe deer and boar high seats or standing. Golden hues of orange and red flush the trees across Latvia’s landscape in prime hunting season. This undamaged sanctuary has 44.4% of its land covered in forest.

The low density population adds to its unbroken charm with wildlife galore. Beating and still hunting are most popular, with game species also reaching the wolf, lynx and beaver. Specially trained dogs will shepherd the beavers out, a common animal in Latvian forests, their thick fur and powerful skull provide a worthy trophy. Perfectly balanced with its lush greenery, the serene lakes dappled across the country are perfect for float angling carp or trout with the chance of sturgeon or catfish.

Yet the biggest attraction is spinning for pike in places like Lake Liepāja or Lake Ķīšezers. To complete the full collection of Latvia’s offers, ice fishing ticks all boxes. For anglers of all levels alike, there are perch and roaches for beginners or more experienced anglers might land a pike. Latvia completes the package from fine examples of moose stalks to wild boar drives in virgin forests, to ice fishing pike through blocks of white surrounded by wild forests.

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