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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Lesotho


Hunting and fishing trips in Lesotho: known for the true pinnacle of fly-fishing for brown and rainbow trout

Lesotho has a surreal secret, known as the Kingdom of the Sky, it is incredibly mountainous with vertical peaks soaring across the country. The steep mountains seem to have cracked and crystal clear rivers have sprung in the valleys. What better backdrop for outstanding fly fishing with fantastic specimens of trout and carp on the highlands.

The Maletsunyane falls are a dramatic display of gushing waters dropping 630 ft straight down, the river has two sections. The river before the falls is almost strictly packed with brown trout, whilst the bottom of the falls has mostly rainbow trout. It is strongly suggested that you take full advantage of this and split your day with an awe-inspiring trek along the mountain for breathtaking views across the sky-high mountain peaks. Along most rivers, you can take a shot at the Grand Slam by catching all three species of brown trout, rainbow trout, and yellowfish. Hunting takes second place here, species are hard to find throughout the rugged surface of mountains and dense intensity of rainforests.

Reach the heights by horseback and foot, but have your rifle cocked, as the grey rehbok prance and hop along the almost impossible steep wall of the mountains, and the mountain reedbuck can be found in remote slopes and hills where your scope will struggle to keep him in sight. After an exhausting day of wonderful sights and catches, camp in the mountains under the shattered diamonds that lighten the sky at night.

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