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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Liberia

Hunting and fishing trips in Liberia: known for the rare zebra duiker and world class blue marlin

Liberia is thick with humid jungle and rainforests, the perfect habitat for duiker and bushbuck. After hours of walking through the forest, cutting at leaves with dew drops falling on your body, there’s a chance you might spot the zebra duiker, a diamond among the jewels of trophies here. Small, fast and prudent, the duiker are hunting with calls during the day or stalking with a flashlight at night.

The density of the forest forestation makes them hard to spot and challenging for a clean shot. This also applies to popular yellow-backed duiker, a larger and sturdier bushbuck, they are often found feeding on exotic fruits dropped by the swinging monkeys. Liberia’s coasts have all the main big game fishing species at hand from yellowfin tuna to bonito and giant trevally.

The current will also bring other guests like orca whales or the ever active dolphins which can spend hours prancing and diving around the boat. The main deep sea species if by far the blue marlin, it will make your reel squeal with its brute force.

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