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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Lithuania

Hunting and fishing trips in Lithuania: known for wild boar drives or stalks and large array of fishing style opportunities specialising on trout.

Fast wild boar drives compete closely with Pine forests cover a vast expanse of the Lithuanian countryside, a handpicked habitat for wild boar. Have the freedom of selecting between drives but also night-sitting and night stalking for an entirely different experience. These forests of the east also hide large populations of red and roe deer with a strong presence of moose. The morning dew will drip on your shoulder on an early morning as you stand cocked and alert, listening to the music of the forest, waiting for the thundering hooves of deer or the thumping of boar.

Lithuania escorts these forests with over 29 thousand rivers to pick from on its flatlands. The choice is almost endless and the locations breathtaking with sandy white dunes to liquid jade waters. Each river inspires anglers of all styles and wants, such as Merkys River, nominated Lithuania’s best fly fishing sites, it holds one of the largest populations of grayling in the country, a definite must. If you’re looking to test your skills, give Nemunas River a go, the size and depth prove a worthy opponent. Its conditions hide large fly fishing trophies such as chub and pike.

To have a chance to hurl at almost every fish on the eastern hemisphere, Neris will hold up, and go further with very strong salmon and trout runs. Lithuania and its picturesque centres of history provide frenzied wild boar drives and captivating fly and spinning rivers.

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