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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Macedonia


Hunting and fishing trips in Macedonia: known for largest Balkan chamois in Europe and massive lively carp

Macedonia is locked between Greece and Serbia, although small, it is home to the largest population of balkan chamois in europe. Not only this, but they pride themselves on their generous herds of european mouflon and fallow deer. These are kept in free range but also in fenced zones for heavier drives.

Macedonia is also one of the only countries that tenders kri kri ibex. This feral goat is striking with its charcoal coat and stately horns, a beautiful trophy to those committed enough to hunt for it. The balkan chamois is larger than the european alpine chamois, skipping from boulder to boulder, tracing its path on the macedonian mountains, during the stalk a hunter needs to keep his wits about to make sure the moment isn’t missed.

Tendrils of rivers map Macedonia, through its gin-clear waters, carp grow into hefty specimens. Fishing for carp is most successful in Vardar and Veles reaching weights of up to 17 kg. But why not aim higher and target the carp native to Debar Lake weighing a colossal 50 kg. These cunning fish are astute and cunning, they require skilled duping but are most exciting.

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