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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Madagascar

Hunting and fishing trips in Madagascar: known for exotic wildlife unseen anywhere in the world and premier spearfishing for giant dogtooth tuna and marlin.

Remembered for its remoteness and wilderness, Madagascar can be found holding on to the Southeast corner of South Africa. A country larger than one thinks, Madagascar has been remote for around 88 million years. Wildlife here takes on a whole new meaning in purity as it is home to thousands of flora and fauna endemic to Madagascar, roughly 90% of all species can only be found here and nowhere else on Earth.

Madagascar is worth visiting if only for its spectacular display of wildlife spread across its volcanic lakes and luscious tropics are curious lemurs and frogs splattered with colour, grinning fossa and heaps of birds chirping over your head. It is a popular destination for spearfishing, from great marlin to giant dogtooth tuna, the adrenaline rush of watching the spear cut through water is beyond words.

Along its coast Madagascar also has coral reefs, like abstract paintings, spills of colour bring life to the bottom of the sea, a wonderful snorkeling experience. Once out there you may find fantastic specimens of giant trevally and wahoo haunting the coral reefs, yet another opportunity to spearfish and get our blood pumping.

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