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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Malawi

Hunting and fishing trips in Malawi: known for stalking of beautiful nayal and fly-fishing in abundance of rivers for catfish and salmon

Malawi is a small country boxed in between Mozambique, Zambia and Tanzania. Much like its neighbouring countries, hunting is exceptional and the wildlife is beyond comparison. Malawi sways to heights of 10 000 ft and lowers to just above sea level, making it one of the most varied landscapes in South Africa. Natural to the savannah environment, nyala and blue wildebeest are found in large herds most commonly hunted with a high-caliber rifle.

These large animals are fascinating to hunt but for a more exotic and uniquely Malawian experience, hippopotamus and crocodile are exceptional. Stalking the hippo is dangerous, it requires strong focus and very calculated movements. Malawi is loaded with fishing opportunities in form of lake and river fishing. There are over 700 different species living in Lake Malawi, the more common being perch, catfish, yellow-fish and lake salmon.

The range of choice makes for very interesting fishing where the allure of not knowing what will bite the hook is part of the fun. River fishing here is most favored, from the electric salmon in Bua River to the schools of tigerfish in Lower Shire River. Malawi will not disappoint with other classics such as the rainbow trout and barbel. Lost in the sounds of cicadas and wooing warm wings, whether is be fishing for perch or hunting for wildebeest, Malawi is a world of its own.

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