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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Maldives

Hunting and fishing trips in Maldives: known for trolling for fast and big tuna, deep sea bonito fishing

The Maldives are the creme de la creme of holiday destinations, the dream of hundreds and thousands of people across the world. It’s almost surreal beauty is wooed by the perfection of its waters. The Maldives aren’t only what many see as heaven on earth, but also a sports fishing haven for anglers across the globe.

Tuna stands as the most common sighting but they’re smart and fast creatures which may quickly vanish into the deep ocean at the sight of one false move. Harpooning a tuna would be fantastic and a ridiculously skilled triumph, but you’ll have been luck trolling for it as they reach speeds of 70 km/h. Bonito is also caught enjoying the warm waters, most likely fished by jerking. Big players like the sailfish and barracuda can also be caught whilst deep sea fishing rounding up a fishing day nicely.

Whilst you can opt to ease your mind and appreciate the blissful beaches of the Maldives after a long day of fishing, why not try a water sport like windsurfing to fully appreciate all of the Maldives’ islands in one swoop and learn a fantastic sport whilst doing it.

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