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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Malta


Hunting and fishing trips in Malta: known for prized albacore tuna and large dorado trolling along the amazing coast

Malta has so much to see it needs far more than one trip to fully grasp its wonders. Although small it has prehistoric temples paraded on hills, hidden coves and fantastic beaches. The beaches look like puddles of crystal clear waters in which someone dropped blue paint drops and let it slowly soften the waters into a crispy indigo.

These beaches spread into the open ocean in which fishing is the focus of attention. The local trophy is found in albacore tuna and dorado, best caught by trolling or jigging. Predatory fish are also swarming the waters beneath in such numbers it’s a tease to anglers. Off the boat with the view of the maltese illes yonder in the horizon, you can catch bonito, swordfish, mediterranean spearfish and bluefin tuna.

Once you’re out in the open ocean, take the chance to drift around the island in search for its honey coloured hidden coves and caved lagoons of echoing heights. The tempting waters that caress the shores have plenty more fishing opportunities from rock fishing to spinning for species like bream, mullet and parrotfish.

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