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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Mauritania

Hunting and fishing trips in Mauritania: known for large Mauritania warthogs, dorados and mackerel fishing in huge numbers

Through the burning sands of the Sahara it is hard to imagine there being much wildlife, but in-fact close to the rivers, turnover wet sands and rubbed mud are solid indicators of a strong presence of warthogs. South of Mauritania, the climate is more humid and the airs more friendly to its wildlife, stalks are organised around the Senegal River where vegetation is spurting from the sands.

Either by waiting in tactical camps or searching out and engaging directly, warthogs are huge in mauritania. Using mostly rifle, sometimes small drives in the dense thicket are also possible. Springs of fresh water are lures to other wildlife, namely waterfowl and sandgrouse. Mornings and evening, they can be found landing and peering near the water sources, perfect timing for a strong set of bird shooting. Many Mauritanians only know the life of heat and desert, which is hard to believe as the waters bordering the country are brimming with thousands of fish species and form their own top of the line market for fisheries.

Big game fishing concentrates off the coast and on the bay of the beaches. The deep sea brings mackerels and ombrines as comfortable and soft fishing, but sometimes the tug will be fierce and almost frightening as tunas, bonitos and sharks are likely to bite and their size and strength is always surprising. Along the coast you’ll see wooden boats painted and dashes with colour aiming for the swells, fisherman chanting for their luck. This contagious energy is typical of Mauritania and will surely motivate any angler upon their trip.

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