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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Mauritius

Hunting and fishing trips in Mauritius: known for gold medal java deer and world record holding marlin

Mauritius has a very peculiar landscape which seduces hunters and anglers from around the world. It has mountains ranges and blocks of sugar plantations, one of the world’s largest coral reefs but also forests and bushlands. This crazy combination of scenery suits anglers and hunters alike as it has high populations of large and strong rusa deer but also fantastic marlin. Rusa deer is by far the most popular hunt intriguing to many hunters and huntable with rifle, but also with bow and arrow for those seeking a new hunting technique.

Java deer fall shortly behind but their award-winning trophy cannot be ignored. Hunting will take you on long hikes but not without action at every tune with wild boar, japanese hare, pheasant and partridge. One of the best destinations for fishing in the world, Mauritius hold many world records for marlin that would make any angler’s day.

Deep sea fishing is fantastic with blue marlin, shark, sailfish, wahoo and dorado amongst many others that come in huge sizes and put up quite a fight. Mauritius has such an amazing spread of choice, you can take a shot at the local McMoris challenge: in 24 hours you need to have shot a rusa stag, pheasants and sailfish. Nothing like some fun and adventurous quests to make your hunting and angling trip even more enjoyable.

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