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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Moldava


Hunting and fishing trips in Moldava: known for excellent pheasant shooting and carp fly-fishing

Found between Romania and Ukraine, Moldova takes a different approach to hunting than its neighbours. A country of rustic charm, it is largely unvisited and unspoiled making it a splendorous portrayal of real picturesque villages with white walls set in the middle of meadows. Hunting properties create their shoots to be focused on quality and simplicity which is visible on their popular pheasant hunts.

Breeded and perfected for the hunt, the pheasants and partridges are abundant but still carry a wild kick which keeps the hunting exciting. Shoots often include partridges, wild turkeys, chukars and the occasional woodcocks amounting to high totals averaging on hundreds per day. There is also wild boar hunting organised majorly on high seats where sizeable sounders of swine rustle past making for invigorating rifle hunts.

Moldova has fields of flowers where millions of red poppies coat the hills and valleys. Dniester River streams not too far and is the country’s largest river, due to the country’s isolated past, these waters are untouched and full to the brim with carp, catfish, pike, tench, roach and bullhead but the list goes on. Never caught or messed with, fish in Moldova have grown to impressive sizes and this includes huge carp fly-fished and found in the country’s deep lakes.

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