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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Mongolia

Hunting and fishing trips in Mongolia: known for altai argali, the largest wild sheep in the world, and river fishing hefty taimen.

Famed for being the land of the blue sky, temperatures keep a steady warmness throughout the year. Mongolia’s mountains have a pureness to them that attracts hunters from across the world, especially once they become aware of the hidden treasures they hold for hunting. Home to two of the largest wild sheep in the world, it is not surprising the attention Mongolia gets.

Combine a riding trek across the gusting desert up to the mountain steeps to search and conquer the altai argali and gobi argali. The Gobi Desert is dry and crisp, its rocks like crushed meringues forming the perfect habitat for the gobi argali. Of record winning size, these animals can way up to 300 lbs. The altai argali grazes nearby up the Altai Mountains, its size trumping all other wild sheep in the world, the horns of indescribable size, truly illustrious in its tropy.

Angling has also swept the country of Mongolia for its spoiled waters, topping its charts with the vivacious taimen reaching a strong 75 inches against 75 bls, although many have fished larger in these waters. Scurrying through the river you may also encounter lenok, related to the trout, it also sports glistening colours and a spotted back. Pike and perch of considerable sizes also haunt these river waters, Mongolia is hard to forget as a genuine angling destination.

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