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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Montenegro

Hunting and fishing trips in Montenegro: known for trolling for heavy bluefin tuna and excellent variety in bird shoots

Montenegro is among the top destinations in the world for hunting, with so many huntable species in the midst of the graceful beech tree forests and alpine mountains. Wake up at dawn for an alarmingly fast paced and bombastic shotgun drive for wild pheasant, woodcock, black grouse, partridge and quail. Clearly a limitless shoot, hard to match anywhere in Europe with its variety of bird of excellent quality.

During the autumn and winter months, aim for the big players of more dangerous nature and venture into the deep forests to hunt for wild boar, bear and wolves, of which there are dense populations from Skadarsko Jezero to Mount Durmitor. Montenegro has the deepest and steepest canyon in Europe and second largest in the world at 1,300 m steep.

The Grand Canyon of Tara River has an eerie air to it, but an unknown magnetism, it also happens to have amazing fly-fishing. Its translucent waters expose the moving bodies of stream trout, grayling and very strong huchen at 40 kg. In the Adriatic, you’ll find barracuda, shark and swordfish whilst night drifting. During the day heavy trolling is suggested from bluefin tuna which can weigh almost 500 kg, to large dorados and swordfish

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