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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Morocco

Hunting and fishing trips in Morocco: known for great dove and quail hunting, lake fishing for pike and carp

Thinking of Morocco will take you down colorful market alleyways of a souk with gadgets and gizmos, with fabrics and seasoning galore. A flashing image of the desert with the shadows of camels strolling along the dunes, their bodies cloudy in the distance under the heating sun. After a trip to Morocco, your perception will change.

Up in the Atlas Mountains, bird shooting is exceptional. As one of the world’s top destinations for dove hunting, hunters can expect a completely different scenario than that of South America or Great Britain. The barren is dotted with argan trees and shrubs hiding hundreds of birds. During a driven shoot, they flock to the sky in the hundreds with the dove as the dominating species, followed by partridges, quail, and the delicate quail.

Like tumbled water, Morocco has many lakes with great variation of fish with pike, black bass, carp, eel, and perch. As sports fishing expands and evolves in Morocco, its once virgin waters are teeming with life. Whilst trolling its offshore waters, there are big bonitos, sea beams, and mullets. The further out you go, the most vivacious the fish with massive tuna, marlin, and barracudas.

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