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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Mozambique

Hunting and fishing trips in Mozambique: known for regal sable antelope and lion stalking, blue ribbon black marlin fishing

Out of all countries in Southeast Africa, Mozambique confidently boasts the largest and more spectacular of hunts. On the cost of the Indian Ocean, bordered by Malawi, Tanzania and South Africa, Mozambique has world-renown hunting grounds. Covered by green coated savannah and forest, hunting takes hunters through different terrains making the shoot a bit more challenging.

Thriving with wildlife, you can find nearly all antelope such as nyala, greater kudu, chobe bushbuck, regal sable antelope and many more. Most hunts are led with tracking and calling, this includes the most coveted shoots for lion, hippopotamus and elephant. The jaw snapping crocodile, master of the death roll is also hunted with stalking. The shot needs to be precise and carefully mediated before taken as the crocodile is strongly armored.

In the Bazaruto Archipelago, fresh turquoise waters form the habitat of spectacular fishing. The black marlin steals the show landing massive weights, but the barracuda, mackerel and tuna are hardly runners up with their own balance tipping sizes. The waves smash against the chirped rocks and here you’ll get a full hand of giant trevally, barracuda, rays and sharks. To fully experience Mozambique and its vast expanse of offering, maybe consider taking a few weeks trip.

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