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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Namibia

Hunting and fishing trips in Namibia: known for exotic wildebeest, big cats and bronze whaler shark of excellent trophy quality

Africa breathes and lives wildlife. Namibia is no different, a splendid collection of bizarre yet exciting animals from all walks of life for your perfect hunting or fishing trip. Brick reds paste the lands of gold for greater kudu to wander, mountain ranges break through the ground for herds of wildebeest and there’s bursts of vegetation to shield and flaunt big cats like the cheetah and leopard. List upon list of species are huntable here, each special in their own way, but unlike anything in other continents.

Traditional rifle and bowhunting safaris are available, and they are easily combined. Take your time to stalk these species in their own habitat, and end your shoot over the sundown fire skies. The diversity of wild trophy animals is unmatched, this also applies to water species. Home to the meanest and hardest angling area, colossals such as tigerfish might put a 2h hour fight, but you reap an immeasurable reward.

The Skeleton Coast of Namibia is 300km long moving from coast to deep waters where you might aim for a bronze whaler shark on high season, or experience a great spotted gulley shark all year round. Take up the crystal waters for flyfishing and try at a vivacious tigerfish of over 12kgs.
Namibia is a great country for a variety of hunting and fishing trips.

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