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Hunting, shooting and fishing trips Nepal

Hunting and fishing trips in Nepal: known for stalking the Himalayan tahr and fly-fishing for the trophy golden mahseer

Fog blinds the mountains, their peaks piercing through the clouds, this is known as the roof of the world. Nepal has eight of the ten highest mountains in the world, including Mount Everest in all its glory. Although temperatures reach dangerous and mortal levels in the mountains, wildlife still finds a way to live and excel in this environment.

The Alpine region protects the blue sheep, Himalayan tahr and wild yak. Creatures grown into this terrain are naturally agile and hard to find among the rocks, stalking is the prefered method to hunt. On the tropical lowland, hunters are easily content with hog deer and wild boar hunted with drives. Out of 185 species found in Nepal’s streams that snake through the mountains and along the forests, the more impressive to fly-fish are the rainbow trout, catfish and carp. In Karnali River, you find Nepal’s fishing jewels, the golden mahseer and the goonch.

Found only in colossal sizes, the goonch repeatedly shows up in weights exceeding 100 kgs. Fly-fishing a goonch is testing and uncommon, the rod bends to curves almost defying physics, but the satisfaction of the catch is unreal. Where better to hunt and fish than under the scene of the Himalayas, one of the world’s impressive displays of power.

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